Our Games and User Manuals

All games are free-to-play. Signing up does not require an e-mail address or much registration information. You can choose to purchase account enhancements for nice boosts and additional game content by using Premium Stores. You can access the manuals below or here for each appropriate game - Andatura 4 Scrimmage Football Trophy Fishing Online 2 and Trophy Hunting Online. You may also purchase Gift Cards for these games.

Our Server

Current Server

As of 3/10/2016 we are hosted with Dual AMD Opteron 4386 3.1 GHZ with 48GB ram. Improved bandwith.

Historical Changes

As of 3/27/2014 we are hosted on a Intel Core2 Quad with 4 cores @ 2.4 GHz. It also has 4GB of DDR2 memory.

Game Portals

Below is links to all of our games. All games are free to play.

Andatura 4

Andatura 4 Manual

Genre : Sports, Racing, Simulation, Strategy

Concept : Players own cars, compete in real-time races across tracks from around the world.

URL : http://www.thecarsim.com

Fantasy Basebrawl

Fantasy Basebrawl Manual

Genre : Sports, Baseball, Fantasy, Simulation, Strategy

Concept : Manage teams of orcs, humans and many fantasy races in exciting baseball games.

URL : http://www.fantasybasebrawl.com

God Wars

God Wars Manual

Genre : Fantasy, Strategy, Simulation

Concept : Wage war with other players, build cities, explore dynamically created worlds that react and expand to you.

URL : http://www.godwars.us

Paper Wrestler

Paper Wrestler Manual

Genre : Sports, Wrestling, Strategy, Simulation

Concept : Hire wrestlers, compete in an evolving and revolving environment. Compete in assignments and major pay per views and time is the enemy.

URL : http://www.paperwrestler.com

Trophy Fishing Online 2

Trophy Fishing Online 2 Manual

Genre : Sports, Fishing, Simulation, Strategy

Concept : Players train stats, compete in tournaments and fish for a large variety of fish.

URL : http://www.trophyfishingonline.com

Trophy Hunting Online

Trophy Hunting Online Manual

Genre : Sports, Hunting, Simulation, Strategy

Concept : Using the TFO2 engine, expands to hunting using different systems and entirely new stats.

URL : http://www.trophyhuntingonline.com

Media Sites

Games No Longer Hosted or Developed

Bar Tycoon

Bar Tycoon Manual

Genre : Bars, Recipes, Puzzles, Collecting

Concept : A very hands-on puzzle game. Figure out what your customers want and serve the best to gain points and expand! This is NOT a simulation.

URL : http://www.bartycoon.net

Scrimmage Football

Scrimmage Football Manual

This game is no longer developed as of 2014. The last update was 1-27-2014.

Genre : Sports, Football, Simulation, Strategy, Cards

Concept : Create a “deck” of cards that represents a team. URL : http://www.scrimmagefootball.com

Red Shade Games Store Items

About Premium Stores and Premium Items

Premium stores exist on every game to allow you to purchase advanced user items securely and oftentimes discreetly. Purchases support yourself, the game development and advertising.

Red Shade Games 3rd Party Extensions

Gravatar Avatars - Used with all games.

Red Shade Games Referral System

Our actively developed games all have a referral system built in. You can access this by using the “Referral Rewards - RSG TOOL” link within that game's menu system. The system monitors your number of referrals and the number of playtime these referrals have.

Payment Methods

Payments come in two methods from referrals. You will receive 2 bonus points($1 USD value) from every 2 referrals you make who play over 24 hours. You will also receive 10% bonus points of all orders placed when a referred user places an order.

Want to become a contributor?

Want to help write a comprehensive manual for your favorite Red Shade Games Game? First Register(above) and secondly, write me an email at mib666007@hotmail.com with your registered user name and what you'd like to work on.

Key ways to contribute -

Getting Started Walkthroughs - Walkthroughs are “introductions” and “basic strategies” to the game. The goal is to give a new player some starting compass without spoiling much. For instance in Trophy Fishing Online 2 you wouldn't want to reveal every fish location.

Advanced Concept Walkthroughs - Explaining certain parts of the game such as basic strategy of a specific part of the game such as “Upgrade Advice” for Andatura or advice on reeling/releasing fish in fighting in Trophy Fishing Online 2.

Translations - Explanations of the game and concepts of it in other languages is also highly desired and useful for new players.

Appendix - This is a big job but it basically involves detailing Appendix items. For fish in TFO2 for example it would involve writing in-game tips, real-world facts and other information. It also would involve uploading a picture of each item.

Naming Conventions - Make sure when you create “internal links”, use your username for links formatted like this “wiki:josh:topic” with josh being YOUR username. If your username was goblin it would be wiki:goblin:topic. By creating links like this, you can isolate your pages and image uploads easier from other users and myself which makes it easier to work with.

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