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Paper Wrestler



Released May 2015


Be a manger in the world of “Professional” Wrestling modeled after WWF, WCW, ECW circa 1990-2010. With 3 competing brands (WCW,ECW,WWF), manage your talent and hope to be signed by one of these major brands. Unlike wrestling on TV, this is “real” with results based upon the wrestler's moves, strategies set and traits. Select your incredibly detailed wrestler that are so unique I can guarantee it'll be hard to find any two the same. Using a real names and cities database, wrestlers come from different parts of the United States. Combined with the unique “traits” system, wrestlers range in personality and looks.

For the first time ever - Red Shade Games brings a calendar system with events scheduled a YEAR in advance featuring major “pay per views” with titles on the line, daily and weekly events as well at all hours of the day. Send your wrestlers on “free lance” work or “open challenges” to fill your time while waiting and hoping for an opportunity at a Pay Per View or a belt.


  • Over 500 signature and finisher moves to assign to your wrestlers.
  • Set your “scouting headquarters” in a State in the United States and hope to snag talent before your competitor managers.
  • Very fleshed out NPC system to create a “living universe”. Nearly 1000 wrestler nicknames based upon traits/characteristics of the wrestler. Over 200 tag teams that can form.
  • Over 24 unique pay per views in a year spread over television and house shows that may be viewed up to 365 days in advance.
  • Over 100 traits that give each wrestler an identity. Be an American Hating “anti-patriot” who the fans boo and yell “USA USA USA!”, a good looking doll face Diva that drives the men wild or even a hunchback.
  • Send your wrestler on assignments in their “down time” to bring in more cash and experience for you to move around.
  • Competitive NPCs fill the world with elegant detail with nick names and tag teams ripped right from the world of Professional Wrestling.
  • Lots of history from WWF, ECW and WCW mixed together with pay per views and wrestlers.
  • View matches in real time with tons of match types from a detailed tag team division fleshed out, to carnage free for alls and even timed matches like the Royal Rumble or Iron Man match.
  • Establish rivalries with “run in” interferences.
  • Tons of “color text” broadcasting comments from announcers for television and pay per view events.
  • The most detailed ranking system to date for Red Shade Games.
  • Nail biting Pay Per Views with titles being decided in a matter of minutes after months of work. Are you nervous yet? If you win - you're guaranteed to hold the belt ..until the next Pay Per View and reap the rewards.
  • Over 100 detailed achievements that may be gained including hidden achievements.
  • Challenging AI that trains and selects skills as it advances levels just like player managed wrestlers.
  • Many title types including Tag Team and Women's.
  • Unlockable Wrestler Codex entries featurings tons of wrestling history and pictures.


Starting Guides

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