Gravatar 3rd party avatar support was added 2/16/2016 to all of Red Shade Games and will be a part of future Red Shade Games releases. To use a gravatar, simply sign up at Gravatar using your VERIFIED Red Shade Games e-mail address. Once there you will be able to securely upload a photo, link to a remote URL's image or even use your webcam to create an avatar that will be seamlessly integrated into all of our games along with any built-in avatars in place.


Photo size doesn't matter as the game will still resize your photo as needed. When uploading your photo to Gravatar, you are able to crop and edit the photo to your liking.

Why Gravatar?

I decided ultimately on using a 3rd party to host images as it is far more secure than allowing users to upload photos. Because Gravatar is a centralized system, you are able to change your identity across multiple games of ours and other platforms. The signing up process is painless and fast. You can also easily edit the photos once uploaded and switch between them.

Do I have to use Gravatar?

Nope. Many games support an in-game avatar system already. This is only in addition to the avatar system already in place.

Legacy Support at 2/16/2016

Above is an example forum gravatar/avatar post from Andatura 4. Gravatars are ideally for custom photos but you are welcome to use anything you'd like within PG Guidelines.

Any games released before 2/16/2016 have received this system in addition to any existing avatar system in the game : Andatura 4, Godwars, Paper Wrestler, Trophy Hunting Online and Trophy Fishing Online 2. Any future released games will be integrated with Gravatar as the sole main avatar source.

Anything else I should know?

Only PG avatars or less avatars are used. This is “PG rated gravatars may contain rude gestures, provocatively dressed individuals, the lesser swear words, or mild violence.” Please be aware that violation of this may result in revocation of the account/banning, please be respectful to other players.

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