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About Premium Stores

Every game features a premium store which sells bonus points (or unlock points for Scrimmage Football). The in-game currency is a higher tier than normally gained currency(generally $) and can be saved for purchases that cannot be made with the lower tier currencies. These often include membership boosts ranging from daily to monthly and also generating usable items ranging from lures to equipment to cards depending upon the game.

Premium stores can be accessed by clicking STORE on Andatura 4 and Scrimmage Football or Charter/Cabin→Use Bonus Points or Buy Bonus Points for Trophy Fishing Online 2 and Trophy Hunting Online

Flash Sales

Flash sales are a feature present in EVERY Red Shade Games product. Flash sales accumulate a pool of up to 40 bonus points. Every hour, 2 bonus points are added. Most games offer a “matured” deal when 16 bonus points are in the pool and you place an order of $37.60 or more. When an order is placed, it claims up to 16 bonus points(20% of the total bonus points purchased).

Examples of exta bonus points gained during a flash sale with at least 16 bonus points(important note : you can NEVER gain more than 16 bonus points from a flash sale. you can gain more from existing holiday sales combined with the flash sale however) :

5 bonus points = 5+1

10 bonus points = 10+2

20 bonus points = 20+4

40 bonus points = 40+8

80 bonus points = 80+16+Special Reward(varies from game to game!)

An easy way to view the CURRENT flash sale pool is in the STORE section on any game. Below is a SCREENSHOT from Trophy Fishing Online 2's store page showing the CURRENT flash sale.

Order Processing

All orders are processed in real-time by an automated system. You will receive your bonus points(or unlock points) within a small amount of time after submitting your order via Paypal. What is Paypal?

Holiday Sales

Sales tend to happen around holidays. The standard rate is a 20% bonus to all purchases.

Additional Bonuses to Buying

Andatura 4 Cards

You will gain 1 car card per bonus point purchased. These have a variety of uses from trading for IP, gaining non-production vehicles and even boosting a car in races.

Trophy Unlock Points

You automatically gain 10% Unlock Points in Bonus Points on Trophy Hunting Online or Trophy Fishing Online 2. These unlock points can be redeemed for specific lures or equipment depending upon the game helping balance possible bad generations with desired, specific items.


These are known as Sponsorship accounts in most games and feature a 30 day time period. Most cost about $15 USD(decreased during sales) which averages out to about $0.50 USD per day. As administrator, I often recommend this items as one of the safe return investments for players who do not like risking generation of usable items but still want to get something useful.

Andatura 4 Sponsorships

Both accounts grant access to the Strategic Overlay

Boosts Sponsorship

Grants a 10% bonus to “show girl”, “promoter” and “pit crew” on all cars.

This sponsoship account also can accrue up to a day of entries at 0:00,8:00 and 16:00. Allows you to store up to 30 entries total. Base accounts cannot store past 15.

Car Stables - Allows you to purchase 1 car from the stable per 24 hour period for normal price.

+1 Influence Point every “new car release”

+1 car card every “new car release”

No ads

Upgrade Investor

Gives 4 randomly generated upgrade parts every “new car release”.

+1 Influence Point every “new car release”

+1 car card every “new car release”

-20% All Blueprint Costs

No ads

Basically 120 upgrade parts for the price of 60 spread out over a month.

Trophy Sponsorships

All Fish/Animal Games Values increase by +10% On Cash-Out

No Ads For Duration of Sponsorship

+3% Fish/Hunting Fighting While Active

Temporary Boosts

Andatura 4 Boosts

+25% Show Girl Bonus/All Cars, +25% Promoter Bonus/All Cars and +25% Pit Crew Bonus/All Cars. Each of these are large 24 hour boosts for the cost of $2 USD(price varies during sales). They are exceptionally useful at advancing quickly through the game or racking up large generation odds on a busy day.

Trophy Boosts

Weekend Warrior Package

This package was intended to help bridge the inconvenience of using many bonuses over the course of the weekend(Constantly having to refresh the bonuses) and also savings for those who have the capability of “binge fishing” during a 2 day period. As each cash-out has a value of “4 bonus points”, it is possible in a single 24 hour period to reach the value of this package. Every cash-out past that point is saving bonus points and it is possible to save 50% of more with many cash-outs and timing around the daily resets.

This package is also available on Trophy Hunting Online as of October 21st, 2013.

Other Boosts

Player Bonus : +100% Weigh-In Value [Until Cash Out]

Player Bonus : +20% Fish/Animal Fighting [Until Cash Out]

Player Bonus : Fish/Animal Attractant(Double Fish Attraction) [Until Cash Out]

Lure Saver/Equipment Saver

Trophy Fishing Online 2

Player Bonus : Lure Saver You lose 0 durability when you finish casting as opposed to 1.

You lose 1 durability when hooking a fish instead of the normal amount.

You lose 0 durability when cutting the line while fighting a fish.

No damage from reels/releases.

You lose 0 durability when you lose a fish during a fish fight.

Trophy Hunting Online

Lose 5 instead of 10 durability when chased out by a dangerous animal.

Lose 3 instead of 5 durability when you fire a weapon.

Lose 3 durability on utility equipment instead of 5 on every use.

Lose 3 instead of 6 of the total equipment durability on major durability loss(5% chance per hunt)


Andatura 4 Upgrade Parts

Trophy Fishing Online 2 Parts

Lure Generation Odds :

Legendary 0.52%

Special 1.04%

Very Rare 2.08%

Rare 3.64%

Unique 7.81%

Uncommon 41.92%

Common 41.92%

Uncommon or Greater Lure Type Balance :

Flyfishing 33.33%

Freshwater 33.33%

Saltwater 33.33%

Tackle Boxes

This does not use generation to determine rarity of lures. You are given a specific amount of each rarity with a 33% chance of each “water type”.

1 Legendary

1 Special

2 Very Rare

4 Rare

8 Unique

41 Uncommon

0 Common

Saltwater Explorer Kit

This is a cost-effective way to get a set of Saltwater lures without risking generations on commons or non-saltwater lures. The only drawback is you cannot get anything higher than uncommon. Added 10/9/2013

10 Saltwater Uncommon lures

Trophy Hunting Online Parts

Equipment Generation Odds :

Legendary 0.52%

Special 1.04%

Very Rare 2.08%

Rare 3.64%

Unique 7.81%

Uncommon 41.92%

Common 41.92%

Repair Kit Bonus 1%/each

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