The Trophy Climate System was introduced 9-18-13 to Trophy Fishing Online 2 with Time system coming in 9-25-13. Trophy Hunting Online would receive this system at a later date. CLASSIC MECHANICS completely ignores weather effects on fishing. Seasons were added 11/26/2013 to both games.

Real Weather Update

As of 11/12/2014 - Both Trophy Fishing Online 2 and Trophy Hunting Online use REAL WORLD weather temperatures and conditions of SPECIFIC locations within their game. So if you are FISHING in Bali in Trophy Fishing Online 2 and it is 88'F and storming - that means it is ACTUALLY storming and 88'F in Bali in the real world. This system blends seamlessly into the freezing/snowfall accumulation system already in-place within the game creating an interesting blend between reality and fantasy.

You may find the “real world” location for ANY location on the actual LAUNCH page and within various fishing locations AFTER the Climate graphic/seasonal graphic. For instance Taylor Creek(Flyfishing 1) in Trophy Fishing Online 2 is set in Cody, US(This is in Wyoming). The city AND 2 character country-code are used to help find the area.

Additional Weather Conditions

Added 12/1/2015 - 3 new weather conditions can happen in addition to the normal conditions : Fog, Windy conditions and Nearby thunderstorms rumbling.


Times range from Night (21:00-5:00), Day 7:00-19:00 and also two specific time periods of Sunrise at 6:00 and Sunset at 20:00.

Snow & Ice Patch

Snow accumulation is possible on 12/17/2013 that results in a movement penalty modifier for standing snow in all hunting locations at Trophy Hunting Online and Flyfishing or Freshwater fishing locations at Trophy Fishing Online 2.

On Freshwater locations in Trophy Fishing Online 2, it is possible for the location to Freeze over time which will allow it to be treated similar to Flyfishing in that all locations can be started and cashed-out from.

Snow has small color text additions for Trophy Hunting Online such as blood in the snow on shots.


Seasons were added to the game 11/26/2013. These basically create 4 separate temperature ranges depending upon the climate throughout our real year.

Spring - March through May

Summer - June through August

Fall - September through November

Winter - December through February

As of 12/2/2013 - Seasons also receive Icon indicators next to the Climate name and also next to “Go Hunting” or “Go Fishing” on the Trophy Games.

Water Clarity

For Trophy Fishing Online 2 water clarity is effected by weather which is a modifier for the Lure Color system. Water Clarity changes from clear to murky based on current weather conditions, the longer it rains - the more the water clarity becomes muddier from coastal erosion and heavier winds. On clear and cloudy days, water clarity gradually improves.

General Strategies

  • Some species become more active in colder or warmer weather than the climate may experience.
  • Some species are nocturnal such as Walleye or Racoons.
  • Rainfall and Storms increase activity in fish and animals.
  • Sunset and Sunrise increase activity in fish and animals.
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