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When fishing in Trophy Fishing Online 2 with ADVANCED MECHANICS on, lure color now plays an important role in the rate at which you can attract the attention of fish. Many things play into which colors work best from time of day, water clarity and light in in the sky. Below you can view colors in the game from darkest to lightest. Please note that LIVE BAIT will ALWAYS be classified as “Natural” color. Although the large amount of factors that exist for colors in the game may seem complex, the general rule of thumb is use brighter lures in LIGHT, CLEAR weather while using darker colored lures at Night. With weather conditions during the day and water filling with dirt, “middle range” colors rated 0 on the color spectum table are effective and safe. Underneath every fish you hook, you can receive an estimate on the “color quality” of your choice while fishing. It is important to take note of this for the future and even adjust to a different color in your tackle box either up or down on the color spectrum.

Estimated Ranks

Estimated ranks range between these(best to worst). These can be found below fish fighting when a fish is hooked :








The Worst


The exact spectrum and effects can be viewed in full with details underneath the Sportshop→Guide - Lure Colors

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