Trapping is a feature added in June of 2018 for Trophy Fishing Online 2. This allows the player to basically set a “minnow trap” type trap within a location of water. The trapping system is a supplemental method of making money within Trophy Fishing Online 2 while simulating the environment of a trap. It requires a bit of patience and timing to harvest the best results. Although traps do catch minnows, they are not used for bait but instead translated into direct money based upon the rarity of the minnow itself.

Trap Mechanics - Catching Minnows

The idea of a live trap is that a species will swim into a funnel shaped trap and be unable to escape. In general, the first 24 hours of a minnow trap's life is not expected much yield. The difficulty of luring a minnow into the trap ranges from 2000% to 200% more unlikely depending upon the time in the water. Once your trap is in the water at least 24 hours, your trap is performing optimally.

Other factors :

1. Trap Level. Based upon your trapping level, you can improve your trap up to attracting DOUBLE the amount of minnows(maxed out level).

2. Existing Predators. If a predator exists in your trap, minnows will be 50% less likely to enter your trap. (Example : Crawfish)

3. Other live minnows. Due to the fact minnows prefer schooling, have any live minnow in your trap increases the likelihood that another minnow will enter by 5%.

Trap Mechanics - Mortality

Minnows have a morality rate once they enter your trap. Each species has its own morality rate(which can be learned if you catch it alive!).

Factors :

1. Length in Trap. The longer a minnow is in the trap, the more likely it may die. These odds begin once the minnow is in your trap at least 2 days and increases from 2 to 7 days, capping at 7 days. If you check your trap and you have many dead but many alive, your trap may be starting to turn over the existing population and would be a good idea to remove it.

2. Predators in the trap. Predators may be nice yields for themselves but they negatively impact the non-predators in the trap. A predator in a trap makes a minnow 7 times more likely to perish. Predators do not suffer the same attrition that minnows do when in a trap.

Trapping Limitations

The following conditions must be true to place a trap.

1. You must not have any other traps. You can only have 1 trap at a time deployed.

2. The water must not be frozen. You can remove a trap with frozen water but you cannot deploy one.

3. No vacation areas, sorry.

4. Must have $5

5. You must have at least Level 1 Trapping trained.

6. Currently only freshwater is supported on release.

7. When trapping is available in your area and you have all pre-requisites, it will be listed in the action menu of the location as pictured below.


1. You can always view your current trap's location in the Home - Equipment Investment area. (Where you train trapping)

2. Some trapped species won't be trappable. Spawns are rerolled at the start of each season start.

3. Discovering a new species gains you 1 influence point.

4. ALWAYS make sure to remove your trap before 2 weeks has passed!

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