The Kitefish, also known as the Cape Moony is a member of the Monodactylidae family of fish within the Perciformes commonly referred to as monos, moonyfishes or fingerfishes. All are strongly laterally compressed with disc-shaped bodies and tall anal and dorsal fins. Unusually for fish, scales occur on their dorsal fins and sometimes on the anal fins. The pelvic fins are small, sometimes vestigial. They are of moderate size, typically around 25 cm in length, Most are silvery with yellow and black markings; the juveniles are especially attractive, and most species are popular as aquarium fish. They are distributed along the coastlines of Africa, India, and southern Asia, and as far west as Australia. Species of Monodactylus in particular commonly occur in estuaries. They are truly euryhaline and can live in fresh water for extended periods. They are found primarily in shallow water and form large groups called shoals.

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