Every lure in Trophy Fishing Online 2 has a durability ranging from 50 to 350. Durability degrades from actions while fishing with the largest being losing a fish on the line. When a lure has 0 durability, it is automatically destroyed by the game.

Restoring Lure Durability

The only way to repair Lure Durability is through very rare Gaining Golden Bobbers gained a variety of ways.

Preserving Lure Durability

The “Player Bonus : Lure Saver” in the Premium Shop is a great tool to reduce wear on your precious, rare lures.

With this you receive :

You lose 0 durability when you finish casting as opposed to 1. You lose 1 durability when hooking a fish instead of the normal amount. You lose 0 durability when cutting the line while fighting a fish. No damage from reels/releases. You lose 0 durability when you lose a fish during a fish fight.

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