Patrons, an Introduction

There is a total of 8 patrons within the Fantasy Basebrawl Universe. These represent, to a certain degree, the elements of the natural world and spirital order such as water, earth, fire, wind, etc. Patrons favor players of their race granting +2 stats for ALL attributes while competing. Patrons do NOT actually care about the outcome of the Basebrawl game and both HOME and VISITING players benefit if they match the HOME TEAM's patron.


The simplest strategy is to choose the Patron that best represents your team. If your team is diversified too much to really choose a Patron without punishing yourself against opponents - “Luna” is also an option. Luna, unlike the other Patrons, has no followers but removes ALL aura effects from classes. If you choose Luna - plan your draft accordingly and DON'T DRAFT aura-related classes. It is also important to note that Luna removes the TEAM-MORALE benefit to the team with a higher morale. If you picked a team that has a very low morale compared to other teams, Luna may also be a decent choice.

In general it is better to choose around a patron that is beneficial but Luna can be a real wild-card.


Not all ball players fit nicely into the 8 patron system. 2.5% of all generated belong to the “Heresy” patron. Heresy is the general description given to any alternative patron follower of none of the 8 recognized deities of Fantasy Basebrawl. This may include modifications to the teachings of a deity or just a general repudiation of religion. Because of the vast differences between heresy followers - even players both choosing heresy as a patron will take a morale hit. Heresy cannot be chosen as a stadium patron and they have no impact from other stadium patrons chosen. Intolerant races are particularly distrusting of fellow heresy patron-following players.

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