Additional information on Classes or Races within Fantasy Basebrawl will be put here.

More on Classes

Healing Classes

Some classes can reduce healing times by an additional 1 per minute. This means a single cleric or priest can HALF the healing times of a normal injury status. This is very useful in keeping useful adventuring companions active. This bonus can stack so multiple healing classes can be beneficial.

More on Races

Gender Hierarchy & Races

It is possible for a race to have a physically and mentally superior gender. In this case, all of the superior gender will receive +1 on their initial generation rolls while the inferior gender will receive -1. For instance for Drows, all females receive a +1 maximum possibility while all males receive a -1 maximum possibility for ALL stat rolls upon their creation effectively creating a 2 point difference or 10 point overall difference on average. You can see if a race has such a condition by viewing their race page or hovering over the race name with info panes enabled.

About Intolerant and Tolerant Races

If a race is indicated as tolerant or intolerant, it has some different rules in regards to the morale as indicated above.

Intolerant Races

Intolerant races are more “race” orientated and the outward activities of their fellow race does not bother them(alignment or law) however blood and deity choice has double the consequence. Because intolerant race members are so unpleasant to have around for differing race teammates, they take DOUBLE the differing race morale penalty. Long story short, you want to have as few race deviations as possible when using a race that is intolerant while keeping blood and patron as matching as possible. Tolerant races even take a little more penalty with intolerant race teammates.

Intolerant races take DOUBLE the hit on HERESY patron-following players OR tainted blood types. Even when crafting a single race team, be careful on those tainted blood types or heresy patron ball players!

Tolerant Races

Tolerant races are about the opposite of intolerant races in that they completely discard the race penalty(unless its against an INTOLERANT race). Meaning if you had a team of 5 humans(tolerant) and 5 warforged(tolerant), there would be 0 morale penalty given from differing races. On the otherhand, tolerant races CARE about alignment and morale far more than intolerant races - receiving DOUBLE morale penalty from differing LAW or ALIGNMENT. Tolerant races completely ignore patron and blood differences.

Tolerant races completely ignore the often shunned HERESY patron-following players OR tainted blood type players.

Submissive Races

Submissive races are those who are often fearful of those “bigger” than them- in Fantasy Basebrawl this equates to Physical Power(POW).

Submissive races COMPLETELY IGNORE morale checks against anyone bigger! This only counts from the Submissive Race member TO the higher POW team member. The higher POW team mate still receives a morale check back to the submissive race. (Example : The goblin is too scared to cause any team morale penalty against the big human knight but the big human knight still despises the goblin.)

Submissive races may still be tolerant or intolerant in which case, they follow all the normal rules beyond the Submissive limitations.

Competitive Races

This race will receive a +1 morale hit from another teammate of the same blood type but a different race. This race thrives to be the “best” of it's blood type.

Clannish Race

Basically the opposite of the above- receives a +1 morale hit from another teammate of a DIFFERENT blood type.

Decisive Race

These races are NEVER apathetic for “Law” alignment.

Luck Based Race

This race loves taking risks. 75% of the time, all statistic checks are +2. 25% of the time, all statistic checks are -6. They win consistently and moderately but once in a while, they lose big.

Non-Injury Races

Some races heal instantly from injuries - Most notably the Undead. You may still receive messages and temporarily see the Injury symbol but they will immediately be removed of injury within the next injury update(roughly every minute.)

About Blood Types

Blood types are indicated while viewing the race list or race page. Some races are hybrid blood types such as (Half-Elf = Human/Elf or Half-Orc = Human/Orc). For hybrid types, it is a 50% chance that the dominant blood type will be either. Blood types affect morale as explained in the morale sections.

Tainted Blood types are possible for about 5% or 1:20 players - regardless of the race. A tainted blood type is simply “something off” regarding the player as belonging to the race or culture which gives them a negative vibe. Tolerant Races STILL ignore a tainted blood type but all others will consider it a negative morale check - even by OTHER tainted blood types.

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