Trophy Fishing Online 2 has introduced a league system as of 11/11/2013. Initial talks and previews for Leagues were leaked on 10/10/2013.


Leagues are 4 day tournaments that allow players to compete against similarly skilled players for fame and money.

Advancing Leagues

There is a total of 6 leagues as of 11/11/2013 ranging from Guppy to Shark. You move up and down leagues based upon your aggregated rank based upon fish fighting+fame in comparison to the “top player” in the game. It is generally likely to only move up due to the weight of fish fighting but you can drop due to losing fame. Higher leagues pay more than lower leagues.

As of 11/19/2013 Guppies will move to Crayfish independently from other rankings if the playtime exceeds 14 days(336 hours)


Each league is generated 4 random target fish. These are completely random besides the first fish which is always from Flyfishing Level 1(“Taylor Creek”). You will keep your best weight for each fish type and your total weight is what is used for your ranking within your league.

Other Tips

* League rankings/payouts are completed every 4 days.

* Winning a league provides a slight ranking bump for a month. As of 11/20/2013 - This can be COMPOUNDED which means winning leagues multiple times in a short period of time provides a bigger boost and bigger boost.

* Your best fish weight of each fish is used. Rankings for leagues are based upon the total “rank” of the top, top player of the game.

* There is no limit of player for each league and instead simply puts players where they belong.

* It is possible to move down leagues due to losing fame. You can catch the fish in any order.

* Opener Target fish is always from Flyfishing Level 1 for Guppy League.

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