Introduced July, 2018 - The Reel Comparison Tool and Unlucky Player Awards are added to Trophy Fishing Online 2.

Unlucky Player Awards

Basically a reverse rarity race prize - Unlucky Winners are selected on these days of the month - 7, 13, 21 and 28. Winners are determined by the number of fish lost on a first reel and only Boss III or higher fish are considered. Once a player has won, all unlucky situations are disregarded for future placement. Unlucky reels for the entire month prior are considered. If players are tied, the player with the LOWEST fame will win the tie-breaker. Points gained are rarity multiplied number of fish lost on the first reel for that rarity type. Only GREEN BREAKS on FIRST REEL ATTEMPTS are considered for this prize. For instance, losing a LEGENDARY on a FIRST REEL will result in 9 points. These points are accumulative across multiple fish rarities. A complete score breakdown is put in the forum post.

When the winner is announced, a forum post will be made and a private message will be sent. A winner can win multiple times in a month and fishing more is better than fishing less since quantity of fishing helps win this award.

Winners win a cache prize pick and 7 days free worth of Sponsorship account.

Because of prize layouts, days of 29 or later in a month do not count for any month Unlucky prizes.

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