Moon phases were added to both Trophy Fishing Online 2 and Trophy Hunting Online on October 17th, 2013. The goal of this was to add more personality to the nights in both games. You can always view the moon phase in the placement of the previous moon location. CLASSIC MECHANICS completely ignores moon effects on fishing.

In the Games

In both games, animals are more active as moonlight is revealed with the best time of the cycle the full moon with the Gibbous moons.

These bonuses are only given at night and CLEAR nights - rain, clouds and storms remove the bonus.


The moon phase changes every 78 hours (about 3.25 days). There is a total of 8 phases with the new moon phase taking a total of 6.5 days.

Phases by order :

New Moon to Waxing Crescent Moon to First Quarter Moon to Waxing Gibbous Moon to Full Moon to Waning Gibbous Moon to Last Quarter Moon to Waning Crescent Moon back to New Moon.

The moon phase is a GLOBAL modifier and does not vary from location to location.

The picture here shows how the moon cycle looks in game.

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