Sebastes atrovirens is a species of fish in the rockfish family known by the common name kelp rockfish. It is native to the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California in the United States and Baja California in Mexico. This species reaches about 42 centimeters in length. Its life span is up to 15 to 25 years. Individuals may be tan, brown, green, reddish, blackish, whitish, or brown-mottled. The snout has an “up-turned” look. The climate is subtropical. It lives in coastal waters up to 42 meters deep, but usually not more than about 12 meters. Its habitat includes kelp beds and rocky seabeds. It commonly associates with several other species of rockfish in this habitat, but it is more closely associated with the kelp than the others. During the day it often rests on the kelp blades, sometimes upside down. This rockfish is an important prey item for many other animals. The larva is consumed by siphonophores and chaetognaths. The juvenile is food for other fish, such as lingcod, cabezon, and salmon, as well as many birds, pinnipeds, and porpoises. The adult is prey for sharks, dolphins, and seals.

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