For Trophy Fishing Online 2 added 11/22/2017 -

“It Could Happen” Patch - Basically two VERY SMALL chance random variables have been added to the game. Both of these are 1:2400 chance per “casting encounter” and are added to give the game a small bit of uncertainty while still staying true to the game.

1:2400 chance that ANY fish on the SAME body of water may look at your lure. This means if you're fishing at a location on a lake that normally doesn't have a fish type, ever, it MAY bite at a 1:2400 chance IF it exists on the same body of water elsewhere - averages about only once a fishing trip if you're casting 100% of the time.

1:2400 chance that A fish will “ignore the rules” on actually biting a lure. This means a fish will BITE, regardless of what you may or may not expect. A tiny fish may bite your gigantic lure(think it gets stuck on a hook) or that shark may bite your tiny artificial tube bait - who knows? I caught a Northern Pike on a piece of corn in real life, for example.

Both of these are INCREDIBLY small odds, the second check is only made PER FISH “looking” at your lure while the first check is PER 6 seconds of cast time. The goal is to not TRULY know what is at the end of your line without seeing it and add a little mystery and mystique to the game which is true of real life fishing.

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