Differing from Trophy Fishing Online 2, Trophy Hunting Online features a variety of additional personal and daily goals for players.

Hunting Seasons and Male vs Female Shots

Persistent Male Value Bonus

ALL Male animals are worth $4.50 PLUS 5% bonus value over their Female counterparts.

Seasonal Weapons Male Value Bonus

ALL Male animals are worth 10% bonus value IF killed with the SEASON weapon. You can always see the SEASON weapon from the main Cabin or at the top of Hunting pages. The SEASON changes when the WEEKLY RARITY RACE ends.

Female Kill Restrictions

You may only kill 2 Females per hunting trip. This APPLIES for all species.

Female animals do not count towards any cash-out bonuses or records.


Record Rankings are from placing high recorded kills for male animals.


Records for Male only are counted.

To receive a bonus the following conditions must be true :

There must be at least 20 Male animals shot for the record already.

Your animal must be in the top 10% of those weigh ins.

A COMMON equipment generation is also rewarded.

You gain $20 PLUS $2 PER placement passed within the 10%

EXAMPLE : If you place 1st with 1000 Records - You are placing over 99 Records(The 10%) Payout would be $20+(99*$2)=$218

First Blood

First Blood is always rewarded for the first Bruiser or better MALE anmal killed each day. The animal MUST be sighted AFTER the reset. Species of animal DOES NOT MATTER.

Reward is $1000 PLUS 2 Random Lure Generations PLUS 1 Fame.

Random Caches

There is a 1:80,000 chance (0.00125%) per animal sighted that you will find an abandoned cache. The prizes vary from money, equipment OR sponsorship time. Feeling lucky? This feature was later ported over to Trophy Fishing Online 2.

Personal Hunting Trip Goals

Personal Trips are given EACH rarity race end automatically to players.

Any existing trips will be CHANGED.

Trips may be “re-rolled” ONLY ONCE which may give new goals.

Goals will ALWAYS use unlocked areas with POSSIBLE kill weapons.

Rewards :

A Reward of 3 common equipment generations, 1 RANDOM equipment generation

An extra 400% $ value $ of the kill

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