This guide is a Walkthrough for Godwars. You are a pretender god(A god competing for control of the Dimensions) against other gods(players) while using your followers to fight in PvP and against monsters. This guide will show you how to get your first recruits, first equipment and continue to your first Dimension.

Step 1 Recruit Followers

To begin the game, you need to recruit your followers. You will want to click on Followers and then Members→Free Agency.

The first member you recruit is your Prophet - Basically your “main follower”. If this follower falls, you get kicked out of a Dimension instantly. Click “Recruit” next to a desired follower.

If you would like a second member, you should do that now by following the same steps by clicking on Followers and then Members→Free Agency.. It is not required and there are advantages or disadvantages to a bigger party. You can get your second follower later if you choose.

When you are ready to continue, click God PowersGet Free Starting Equipment - Donation Box and continue to the next section.

Step 2 Get Starting Equipment

First click on Weapons. This is a list of free weapons you may select. If you picked a Squire select a Short Sword, Short Spear, Light Mace or Sling. If you picked a Student select a Spellbook of Magic Missile, Knife, Sickle, Short Staff or Sling. You can pick by simply clicking Take (Costs 1) next to the weapon you want. If you have a second follower, make sure to pick one for them too. Now click Armors at the top of the screen to access the Armor section.

The easiest way to get armor quickly is to use the multi-take tool, otherwise you would have to click next to each piece separately(which would take a bit of time.) Click on GO next to Multi-take Tool (Tries to take 1 of each type -uses up to 7). Click it ONCE for each member you have. Continue on to the next section to learn how to equip this gear.

Step 3 Equipping your Armor and Weapons

The first thing you will want to do is use the Followers section of the menu and click on the name of your follower to bring up their character sheet.

The first section of the Follower screen displays key stats and allows you to equip a weapon. Next to your follower's weapon skills and spell skills you are able to easily equip by clicking (Equip) next to the weapon or spellbook. Now click on (Set Armor) below your follower's portrait on the same screen.

Here you will see all your armor that you can equip. The drop down lists will automatically fill the best armor available so click Equip Armor to equip your armor. If you have more followers - repeat Step 3 for your other follower otherwise simply continue to Step 4.

Step 4 Getting to the Dimension

You're just about ready to dive into the action. Click Dimension Gate at the Top and it will bring up the Dimension Gate interface. This is where you can embark into the Dimensions to fight monsters, find treasure and everything else. You should see the picture below.

You will only be able to select “Socketed” for the first word as you have just started the game. You may change the other 2 words to whatever you want. As a beginner, it will not really affect the game since Socketed controls the difficulty automatically for you. When you are ready click Travel next to the words.

Congratulations - you are now in the Dimension. You can navigate quite easily by clicking on the direction you wish to travel.

Still confused? The key thing to remember about Dimensions - You are basically a “treasure hunter” looking for a “Grand Treasure Chest”. Each Dimension has a Grand Treasure Room placed in one of its 4 ends. For more explanation on this see the Dimension section. Although it may seem confusing due to the lack of a map, you will want to go northeast, northwest, southeast or southwest to each of these ends looking for the Grand Treasure Room. Dead Ends are “Minor Treasure Rooms”. Once there, use teleport to easily return to the center and pick another corner to move to. Keep repeating this until you get the Grand Chest or explored all the rooms(The choice is yours). EVERY Dimension floor is shaped like an X and the Dimension Gate is the VERY CENTER of the X.

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