The gila trout (Oncorhynchus gilae) is a species of salmonid, related to the rainbow and cutthroat trouts native to the Southwest United States. The Gila trout has been considered endangered with extinction. That changed in July 2006. Finally after much work by the Game and Fish departments in New Mexico and Arizona, the US Forest Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Gila trout was down-listed to “Threatened”.The Gila trout is native to tributaries of the Gila River in Arizona and New Mexico. Gila trout has yellow head, with black spots. The average total length is about 300.0 mm (11.8 in.); with maximum total length approximately 550.0 mm (21.7 in.). Gila trout is closely related to Apache trout. However, Apache trout have a spot behind the eye, another on the head, and big noticeable spots on the body whereas Gila trout lacks the spot and is characterized by numerous small dark spots on the upper half of the body. Gila trout can be found in small mountain water streams, and in confined pools. They are opportunistic feeders.

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