Gifting Introduction

Gifting is a feature added to Trophy Fishing Online 2 and Trophy Hunting Online on 8/3/2015. This feature is accessible in the Bookmark section on either game. While viewing, simply look for the giftbox icon and click it to begin the GIFTING process. The recipient player will receive a generated message also of the gift you have sent.

Gifting Restrictions

1. You may only gift a SPECIFIC player ONE item per 24 hours. If you try it again, the game will not allow it. You may gift to MULTIPLE players within 24 hours as long as it is DIFFERENT players. 2. A gifted item(lure-tfo2/equipment-tho) must have 0 durability, not be bookmarked and not be set for sale. If these conditions do not exist, no gift icon will exist. 3. A gifted item loses it's ability to be resold or gifted after it is used this way. This is to prevent pushing lures to an account to simply resell for in-game money.

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