Many statistics by followers also exist for Monsters in Godwars and both follow the same rules, here is a brief explanation of each.

Prophets gain double maximum HP rolls. In combat they receive +10% to hitrolls for physical attacks(this affects chance to HIT) and +10% to damage rolls when casting spells.

Gender - Gender can control some class choice evolutions for certain followers.

Class - Controls skills and base statistic gains upon level ups.

Hit Points(hp) - Hit Points is simply put, how much life a follower has. If it reaches 0, the follower will be randomly given a “health condition” which can range from a non-serious wound to death. Read more about this at God Wars health status conditions. Party members who have 0 hp will not be able to attack or participate in any combat. If your prophet reaches 0 hp, you will be forced to leave an adventure.

Armor Defense - Armor defense is used to not only absolutely prevent damage on an attack but also absorbs damage given in combat from physical attacks. Defense rolls to avoid damage use a 10 base roll. Absorption rolls use a 0 base roll.

Magic Defense(Also known as magic resistance) - Magic Defense is used to absorb damage you take from all elemental sources from both spells and physical attacks. Absorption rolls use a 0 base roll.

Speed Boost(SPD) - Speed is determined in the order of initiative(actions) monsters and followers take. With high speed over the course of many levels, it is possible to act twice or more over opponents. It also reduces spell casting time. Base speed is based on rolls of 400+SPD so it takes a while to actually see huge results but the results can be quite strong.

Critical Attack Boost - Better known as a critical attack is a roll of 1 to 1000. If your critical attack boost is under that roll, your physical damage dice will be doubled including a minimum damage of 2 instead of 1 for attack. This statistic is useless for spellcasting. At higher levels, it is possible to achieve 20-40% critical attack rates at end game. Like speed, it takes a while to see huge results in this statistic but can be strong for offensive physical followers.

Dodge Boost - Dodge like critical attacks is based on a roll of 1 to 1000. Just like critical attacks, it is possible to achieve a 20-40% dodge rate at end game. Dodging is different than armor defense. Dodging is an automatic miss of any physical attack. Spells CANNOT be dodged.

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