Every good season deserves an epic conclusion and the Fantasy Basebrawl post-season system is full of surprises and twists. Every post season consists of the TOP 8 players(across all internal divisions) or can be configured to accept each division leader for an 8 division League. Winners are sorted by W, then PFA ratio and finally gold earned. When you view the standings by default, you can view the seeds. Seasons are structured that the 1st placed seed faces the 8th place seed, 2nd vs 7th and so on. The seed strength starts on opposite ends of the playoffs so 1st and 2nd seed don't face each other unless they both make it to the finals.

All playoff games are a BEST OF 7 series. The pitchers cycle regularly throughout the series in accordance with the number of pitchers configured by each individual league. If a team wins 4 or more games, the series immediately ends. It is possible there is some waiting time between series if multiple series end early. No matter what, the entire length of the finals can range from 18 to 21 days depending upon the final series length. After a season winner is decided - the League will stay in a dormant state before being removed(or cycled again if a PUBLIC league.) This is used to view stats or discuss the League.

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