The Fantasy Basebrawl drafting system is both simple and easy to use between the STATIC draft values you can set in the “SET DRAFT VALUES PAGE” and the next level of power added with the Dynamic Drafting Values that may be set within the Team Strategy - Change Strategies system.

Anytime your team is considering drafting a player that would be required to change position, the overall value is lowered by 10% as the skills of that player take a -10% hit when drafted/changed.

Simple Hands-Off Drafting

OVR Simple

An easy way to draft is simply allow the system to draft based upon the drafting values. This will just pick based upon OVR values and little else. It's not the best way to draft as some attributes aren't as useful on some positions like ARM is fairly useless on a 1b player while POW isn't as important on a Pitcher but the system views both the same. If you leave this, you may have to put some effort into developing your ARM on pitchers or AIM on batters for some of the more weak members once the season begins.

Hands ON Dynamic/ALL 0

A great way to draft if you can be around when the draft is going is to set ALL your values to 0 with the “Set all to 0” in the “SET DRAFT VALUES” page.

The next step is to turn ON dynamic values and then set your DYNAMIC values as need be. For instance, to draft 5 top pitchers first - set ARM to “5” and “0” to everything else. Then make sure most of your potential picks are set to “P” pitcher although most will be “P”.

Favorited Icons+OVR

Want to draft all of a certain race? Simply click through the race and “favorite” them. This can be combined with above methods to draft certain rules.

Advanced Rules

It is highly recommended you utilize all tools to you when drafting players. Assigning static values to every player in bigger leagues would be a terrible headache and using the “Home→Set Advanced Draft Rules” link drastically can simplify a drafting strategy ahead of time.

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