Gaining Keys

Keys are gained through only 2 ways : Competing in ANY regular season game(WIN OR LOSE) or WINNING a playoff game.

Adventuring Overview

Adventuring is a sub-system within Fantasy Basebrawl independent from games. Both AI and regular players have the opportunity to “explore” 5 randomly created locales filled with monsters, gem, gold and potential loot(logo drops). Each team has its own individual locales created when the League begins(randomly generated.) with monsters(also randomly created.) As you adventure further within an individual locale, the monsters become dramatically more difficult but the gems and gold and loot become better.

Adventuring is a large opportunity for players to gain gems during the course of the season or logos.

Battle System

The battle system is quite simplistic and based upon a lot of luck and some good choices.

POW(BRUTE), AIM(SKILL), ARM(MAGIC), GLV(DIVINE) and SPD(AGILITY) are compared between a selected player(NON-MANAGER) against the defending monster of the locale area. The MONSTER, not the player, chooses which attack type it will use. You can see the exact ODDS of each attack type before confirming the battle selection.


In the above screenshot you can see the bat will choose agility 40%, divine 20%, brute 20%, skill 15% and aim 5% of the time.

If the bat chooses agility, the monster will roll 0-8 vs the agility of the player's agility of 0-12. If the monster wins, the player is injured(1-12 days). If the player wins, the team receives gold, gems and potential loot(a randomly generated logo.)


Winning a battle gives a random amount of gold and gems. The higher difficulty of the monster, the more gems and gold are POTENTIAL(it can still be just 1!). There is a 10% to 100% chance of a logo drop also depending upon the difficulty of the monster. Defeating a monster also causes the WINNING player to gain +1 in the statistic that the monster has chosen during the conflict.


Losing a battle has a 25% chance of an injury for the player. This causes a -1 penalty to all stat checks while in games during the duration of the injury. While a player is injured, they CANNOT attempt any further quests. It is important to make wise decisions on risks when attempting quests as losing a powerful quest completer can leave you locked for a while from good quest attempts.

Some classes can lower your healing time by 1 minute, per minute. This means a single Cleric or Priest can HALF the amount of time your wounds would normally take to heal. This benefit stacks from multiple healing eligible classes!

Clearing a Locale

If you completely clear a locale, your team gains the artifact of the respective locale granting a +2 global bonus for both home and away games. This bonus cannot be blocked by Luna stadiums.

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