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Dimension Generation

Each dimension is generally created in the shape of an X. The exact length of each arm and direction vary but there is one going northeast, one southeast, one southwest and one northwest. At the end of each arm is either a CHEST or a FINAL CHEST. There will ALWAYS be a FINAL CHEST in each dimension at the end of ONE arm. At the end of the others is a “Minor Treasure Room”.

Multi-Tier Dimensions

1:10 of Dimensions/Dungeons(whatever you prefer to call them) are multi-floor. There is a 1:10 chance that an additional floor will be added. There is a limit of 2 additional floors that may be generated. Each floor presents another X shape from the base of the “Dimensional Stairway”. You may access any floor below(or above) by clicking “Up” or “Down.” Often the arms of the shapes line up allowing you to travel up and down and multiple locations. Each “new” floor(also represented by the Z coordinate) adds 3 new “Minor Treasure Rooms” and 1 Final Chest room. These are also the only way to find Dimensional Bosses.

Dimension Keywords

Keyword 1 controls monster levels encountered in a Dimension. Monsters spawn AROUND this level and compared also to your “Challenge rating” of your party.

Keyword 2 controls WHAT monsters appear in each Dimension. For a large part ALL monsters can spawn in ALL Dimensions HOWEVER, all rates vary. It is possible for a monster to spawn 1 time per 100 time of the other(or visa-versa)

Keyword 3 controls the dungeon's “setting” ranging from forests to oceans to dungeons.

SOME monsters only ever spawn in certain dimension keyword combinations.

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