Bosses in Godwars are rare monsters that exist as a special spawn. They always have the same set spawned accompanying monsters as well. The Bosses are leftover prophets from the previous elder gods and generally resemble grotesque beasts but not always. For instance the one in this article is “Vinea”. Dragons are also technically a boss but do not spawn by any of the Dimensional Boss rules.

Where to find them?

Dimensional Bosses will spawn on the third floor(z=2) of any Dimension. The odds of their being a third floor is 1:100(1:10 each floor) or 1:49(1:7) with relic hunter activated. The boss will be located in a Boss Lair.

Their Attributes

Bosses spawn at 50% of the first world's Level up to that word's Level. So a Level 10 word would spawn bosses from Level 5 to 10.

Unlike other monsters - Bosses always have set attributes and do not roll stats. They generally do not play by the rules - having much higher per level dice.

Their Drops

Bosses have the highest drop rate and experience bonus in the game and defeating them brings the most satisfying rewards when you are capable finding one.

Bosses give 1 piety to all participating players in the battle if defeated.

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