The canary rockfish (Sebastes pinniger) is a rockfish of the Pacific coast, found from south of Shelikof Strait in the eastern Gulf of Alaska to Punta Colnett in northern Baja California. As the name suggests, this rockfish is notable for a general orange-yellow appearance, consisting of a blotchy orange pattern over a whitish or light gray background. The head has three stripes angling downwards and back, the middle one generally running across the eye, and the other two on each side of the eye. The fins are orange.Some individuals have dark blotches on the body or dorsal fin. Maximum recorded length if 76 cm (29.6 in). Young canaries live in relatively shallow water, moving to deeper water as they mature. Adults are mostly found at depths of 80–200 meters tending to collect in groups around pinnacles and similar high-relief rock formations, especially where the current is strong.

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